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13 On Page Optimization Techniques That Give Big Results!


Best On Page SEO Techniques 2016

Here we’ve, On Page Optimization practices that you need to know before you started writing your content. Optimizing your page in site level is the integral part of the SEO, that you need to pay attention to rank your site higher and stable in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Search Engines are the easiest yet tricky way to drive insane traffic for you blog, that too completely for free!. It is essential to optimize your site for the search engines, to reach out the potentials who’re looking for that particular information. When it come for optimizing your blog for a search engine, the first thing that strikes in my mind is On-Page SEO techniques. Most often you heard about these terms, But today I’m telling you something unique regarding the perfectly Optimized posts. Recently, We have also shared Social Bookmarking sites list for dofollow backlinks.

Whenever you search for on-page SEO checklist, you’ll come across many myths regarding Tags, Keyword density..etc. Here I’m not saying that Tags or Keyword density doesn’t matter for SEO, But it is not the ultimate thing you need to do. The way you implement these things with SEO is very important if you lack with this knowledge you’ll ended up with zero search traffic.

Best On-Page Optimization Practices 

We’ll walk you through the different ways by which you can easily optimize your content for the search traffic. Before we proceed with the on-page optimization tutorials, it is necessary to have the best WordPress SEO plugin for better SEO score.

#1. Clean and Keyword-Rich URLs

Permalinks are the like route to your blog specific posts. Keyword rich URL is one of best on page SEO technique 2016. It is necessary to optimize your blog permalinks for the search engine as well as readers. The simplest and SEO friendly permalink look similar to that of the below sample.


With the self-hosted blogs with WordPress as Content Managment System (CMS), you can easy change your permalink structure. By going to Setting > Permalinks > Select “Post Name”  structure and click on the save button.

Unlike WordPress, you can’t change your URL structures in Blogger platform. You have left the permalink structure similar to below.


I recommend you to use the short and keyword rich permalinks for higher ranking. Short and Sweet (Keyword rich) permalinks are taken as the ranking signal from the Google Bots and plays a major role in on page seo techniques. Make sure you don’t mess with it because first 3-4 keywords are weighted more than it. Try to think more than once before you click on the publish because you don’t get a chance to change it again. If you thought of changing you need to setup an 301 redirect. Then you need to avoid the Stop Words in your URLs because it doesn’t make any difference. Stop words like a, to, and, the, in, for…etc words.

If you have the main keyword in your root domain, your chances are high to rank in the search engines. No longer exact mache domains will rank after EMD update in SERPs unless they’ve something great.

Here is the example for SEO friendly permalink:


clean url is must

#2. Write Magnetic Headlines

Have you ever thought of writing Magnetic headlines which grab users eyeball. Magnetic Headlines is one of on page seo technique, which can boost your CTR in Google search engine as well. Your headlines reflect your content if your heading is eye catchy you’ll be benefited by two ways. Which are those? Let me Explain

According to a survey, 50% of the folks look at the headline if your Headline is catchy they read further more. If your headline sucks they may feel annoy and leave your site without any evidence for their arrival. It is loss of traffic and also shoot ups your sites bounce rate. Headlines should be your sales copy, you need to craft it according your content. If you write killer content but lacks magnetic headline you’ll be ended up with losing potential audience or clients for your business.

If you use the headline as Title, it impact as below mentioned.

Magnetic headline increase CTR (Click Through Rate) in the SERPs. Yes,it is another great feature of writing great headlines. Google knows whether users are your site is performing well in result page by Click through rates over your competitors. Suppose your article ranking for a keyword in 2 position and its headlines are no at all attracting, your competitor ranked for #3 with Magnetic headline has greater CTRs than yours. Slowly your site may loose ranking if it has a less CTRs than your competitors.

Hope you understood the importance of the headline for posts even this is the on page SEO factor that you need to implement for success.

magnetic headlines attract readers

#3. Meta Description and Meta Title Matters

Yes, Meta Description and Meta title matters when you considering well-optimized blog post. They both are taken as the ranking factor for a site and they’ll appear in the search results hence influence your CTRs when you optimize perfectly.

Title tag is different from your headline, you need to be careful while crafting your Meta title you need to drop your targeted keyword. If you’ve dropped your targeted keyword in Meta title of your post you’ll get a chance for higher ranking for that keyword. Don’t forget to employ some of the modifiers to your title for better CTRs. Include these modifiers like  How, Free, Tricks, Top, Best, Guide, 2016, review, myths..etc for better benefits.

Ideal title tag is 55-60 character, you need to write the catchy headline which doesn’t exceed this limit. If it exceeds search Engine ie.Google only shows first 60 charcter if the title tag. According to the SearchEngineWatch top google result will get around CTR of 36%, stil 64% left let us grab this by compelling titles.

Meta description is the short note on what your content is about in the search engine result page. Better you try to offer best along with your primary targeted keyword. It should look like your sales copy, and it also enhances your Click through rates. I recommend you to use the Targeted keyword and an LSI (Latent  ) in your Meta description for better understanding on what your content is about to the Google Spiders.

#4.  Drop your LSI Keywords

LSI keywords the similar keywords to that of your targeted keyword. These keywords play a significant role in ranking your post for that particular keyword. The main use of the LSI keyword is for the Google Bots, it help them to identify on what that piece of content is about. Suppose if you search for “Apple” there will chances of appearing two things in the result page. One is about the Apple fruit another will the Apple Inc. If you need to rank for “Apple” ( Apple Brand) you need to include the LSI keywords to say that your content is about Apple Brand to the Google spiders. Most probabaly the LSI keywords for Apple brand would be Apple Store, Apple support, iPhone..etc. It is only used to diffrenciate the content from the search engine perspective.

How to find LSI keywords?

The easiest way to find the demanding LSI keywords is to pluging your targeted keyword in the Google search, then at last you’ll find the “Searches related” section with a bunch keywords. These are LSI keywords, for that particular word you’ve Googled.

how to find lsi keywords

Another great way to find LSI keywords by using awesome service called ubersuggest. Just you need to plug your targeted keyword here, this site start suggesting LSI keywords.

Moreover LSI keywords help yout in ranking your content, I recommend you to don’t stuf your content with keywords either use LSI keywords for better results.

#5. Image Speaks 1000 words!

Yes, images speaks 1000 words if it is appropiate. Adding suitable images for your content increases your engagement rat. I manually recommend you to use perfect image like screenshots, diagrams which reflect your content along with your brand. According to a case study say,

Don’t add imgaes simply by searching Google images. It may grasp you in some of the copyright issues. Either you find the Commercial images that can used or give a credits for the image that you’ve barrowed. By using multimedia other than images like video increase your engagement, you need to make sure your multimedia is appealing.

Then another most important on page optimization will with your Imgae ALT tags. By adding your targeted keyword in your image ALT will boost your organic traffic in both Web and images searches. Image title for the users and Image ALT tag for the Google robot to identify what is the image about. Make sure you’ve well optimised Title, ALT tag (very important), and description.

image is loved by eyes of readers

#6. Length is Strength!

Length of the content play a vital role in deciding quality and how deep you digged into your topic. Length is strength term coined by the SERPIQ, according to survey they say that longer the content tends to rank higher and stable in the result page. Was it cool!

long content ranks better
According to SERPIQ

There’re many benefits of posting really long contents, you’ll get a chance of adding keywords or LSI naturally and you can cover in-depth about the taopic that you’ve choosen. You’ll able to add lots of images to your content when it is long, which boosts your conversation. Long contents help you in ranking long tail keywords, which is the true success for any online business.

Write atleast 1500+ words content, you’ll be benefited once it get ranked. If you’ve written beast contents with 4000+ words you’ll outrank your compiteters in the search engines. I recommend you to go through this case study by neil that long contents impact on your sites ranking, engagement and conversation rate.

#7. Faster Site Rank Higher

Back in 2010 Matt Cutts tweeted that the speed of the site also taken as a ranking factor, so Google love to rank site loads faster. A case study by KissMetrics says, people expect your site to load in less than 2-3 seconds, if your site fail your converastion rate will hit down by 7%. But when you are loosing your conversation rate, you need to take immdiate actions to resolve it before it gets out of your hand.

As a webmaster master we need to make our blog load faster and accessible for every one who oft for it. It is taken as a great ranking signal, due to this many sites hit a plataue in their orgainc traffic. No matter in which niche you are, your site should be responsive and load faster at any corner of the world.

To test how faster your blog loads visit GTMetrics or pingdom site load time tester and plug your homepage URL and hit test now. With in few seconds it’ll test how faster your site is. If you need to compare with your competitors you can visit Whichloadsfaster to test two sites simultaneously.

How to increase your site speed?

  • For WordPress users Supercache or W3 total Cache plugins to cache your site for optimum perfromance. (If you host your site in Siteground, you’ve inbuilt caching system)
  • Use the Content Delivery System (CDNs) like Cloudflare which is free!
  • Try to avoid images larger in size or use any compression tool to get rid of this.
  • Easiest way to speed up the site is by reducing the number of http request.
  • Reduce the response time.
  • Merge the Multiple CSS files into a single file.
  • Use premium Hosting service rather than investing here and there.

By doing above things you’ll notice decrease in your site loading time. If you still have any unconfirmation is the guide from the Crazyegg to speed up your site insanely.

#8. Proper Use of H1, H2 and H3 tags.

Headings help you in dividing your blog post into different chunks. Including both keywords and LSI in your headings and Sub-heading is relevancy signal, you need to implement for your blog. These heading help you in shaping your structure of your content. This heading tags help your content for easy scannable from the users perspective.

H1 tags:

By default in WordPress, Your post title will be your H1 tag. This is most valued tag, so spend your time here in crafting the title for both readers and search engines. Don’t over use H1 tags, use it only one time in the post. Having mutiple H1 tags is the spam sign.

H2 Tags:

These are sub-heading which you need to have in your content for better user experience. Either drop your LSI or main keyword in your H2 tag. Don’t suffuse your H2 tag with both keywords, maintain the reading level of your title.

H3 tags:

H3 tags are minor heading, you need to include LSI keywords in this heading. Either you can use it 5- 6 times in your content as per its lenght.

use h1 h2 h3 tags proper;y

#9. Use Keywords Wisely

Stuffing your content with the keywords are the worst way of optimizing your content. It was late in 2010, if you’ve a blog with few backlinks from the spam sites or forums, your content is stuffed with the keywords and links with exact match anchor will more than enough for the Google alogorithm to rank in top 3. But after the google introduced updates to its algorithm every thing changed. Among them Google panada is the most horrible update for many of the bloggers. Panda started hunting for low quality and link form sites, It ruined many big sites which that’ve huge reputations. Panda changed the the way we look SEO. Recently Google rolled out updated panda 4.4 which is complely rolled.

You need to use the keywords wisely and rarly in your content to avoid the over optimization penalty. drop your keywords as below,

  • Use Keyword in Title.
  • Either include your targetted keyword or LSI keywords in the Meta description.
  • Include your targeted keyword in your URL.
  • Use your targeted keyword within first 100 words of your blog post.
  • Try to include your LSI keywords in the second and later paragraphs.
  • Optimize your image by adding your keyword in ALT tags, Title and descriptions.
  • Ues keywords in Heading and other sub-heading of your content.
  • Add your keyword at the end of the post by asking a quaetion?

#10.  Content is the King!

Yes, We’ve arrived with the core optimization step, you need to write really high quality content that stand among your competitors. Content is the backbone of your online presense, your content reflect your brand. By writing killer long posts you’ll notice your increase in your number social shares for that particular content, and the ultimate outcome will the huge organic traffic from that piece of content.

Writing High quality content is not the Rocket science, it is skill you need to write regualry to maintain consistency in your tone. As Content marketer I know that not all contents are created equal. Contests powerful weapons to grasp the potential clients for your online business. You need to be dig deeper until you know nuts and bots about that particular topic then you need to start writing. You can hire a content writer like Me to write High quality content for your site. By writing high quality valuable content, you’ll get many unique backlinks if you implemented the Skyscraper Technique perfectly.

By sharing beast contents you’ll notice increase in your social share, which is another great signal that Robots look to rank a site in the Google. The true independense is achieved when your content build links for your site on automation. Remember their is on cruel animal named panada which hunts the low quality or thin contents, no matter where they are from.

content is king

The reason Why Quality of the Content considered as On page SEO Technique?

Contents are the only thing that users looking for. If you’ve high qualtity in-depth content which resolve users some problems. Then search engine will reward your site with good ranking, If they satisfied with your content, they feel free to share it on the social web and like to engage themself via comments. Both these actions  indicate that users are happy when they visit your site by the Google Algorithms. Then you’ll get a lot of exposure and you’ll notice your organic traffic increases significantly.

Google Mission is to make the Information accessible to the world wide, they pay great attension to the user experience and satisfaction when they visit a site. In order to make them happy they have over 200 factor for ranking a site in top notch. Only users will happy, when they found great stuf that may help them.

#11. External and Internal Link Your Post

Links are the route in the Internet, whether it it nofollow or dofollow no matters what matters is from where there’re from. When it come for optimizing your post, you need to maintain the solid outbond and internal link structure to pass link juice evenly. There are two ways you can link in the post.

Internal Link your post:

Internal links are the best way to slash your blog bounce. It will also help you in better crawing of your blog by the spiders. If you closely observe the Wikipedia, it has most internal linked posts. They internal link to similar contents with exact match anchor text. By far it doesn’t penalized by any Google Algorithm updates. It still enjoys the royal ranking from the Google. But the exact match anchor text doesn’t holds good normal sites. You need to rotate the Anchor text to avoid the penguin attack. To be on safer site link to 3-4 old posts with 10% of targeted keyword in anchor text.

Link to External Site: 

Outbound links plays key role in improving your ranking and user experience. Feel free to link to sites where it necessary. Don’t link to spam sites, link to authority blogs like Wikipedia and other similar sites that you’ve found useful. Don’t use exact match anchor text in external links either use synonymns.

#12. Destroy Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is another metrics that give a clue to the search engine that users are satisfied with your traffic or not. Bounce Rate is considered one of important on page seo technique for long term players.It is necessary to reduce your blog bounce rate for better ranking. There many ways by which you can check the high bounce rate of the blog. Let me explain

  • “First Impresion is lasting” try to have good looking theme and attension grabing Call to actions to get your visitors under your trap.
  • Try to open both internal and external links in a new tab, it will reduce your bounce rate for great extent.
  • Produce well written readable article, with point to point.
  • Make sure your article is scannable, most of the readers don’t have enough patience to read your content completely, for them you need to include heading and sub-headings.
  • Add related post widget to your blog, either with deafult of by using Related post plugin for WordPress users.
  • Internal link to old articles, reduces bounce rate by 47%.
  • Include a search box in your site to supress bounce rate.
  • Use breadcrumb for easy navigation. It also helps from the SEO standpoint.

destroy bounce rate of your site

#13. Embed Videos in Content

We have already discussed what On Page SEO is basically about increasing User engagement and how to optimise your content for both readers and google bots. So, embedding videos in content will improve user engagement which will further send good signals to google bot. So, you must try to embed related videos in your content.

Final Words,

Though these are the Best on page SEO optimization techniques that you need to follow in your blog for better organic traffic. You need to produce really high Quality trending contents, and implement these strategies to get your blog higher in the SERPs. No matter how many quality contents you’ve, you need to promote it in an right way so that it reach the right people’e who’re looking for it. Once you’ve solid content along with good social shares, search engines will reward your site with good ranking even you can’t imagaine.

Do you’ve any other On page SEO optimization techniques? Let me know, feel free to drop your comments below.