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How Free Recharge Tricks Work? [Infographic]


Cell Phone plays vital role in any guy’s life now. But is there are value of it without recharge talktime? Obviously No. That’s the reason craze of free recharge tricks in people’s mind is increasing day by day. Most the times, you have also seen Mcent recharge loot, EarnTalktime loot. I know most of you guys must be thinking how free recharge tricks basically works? So, We Dreamy Tricks is back with a infographic in which we have listed how free recharge tricks are created basically. Generally, such loots are executed in 5 steps which we are listing below.

  1. App Selection: Any free recharge app which has it’s referral is targeted first. Basically, in these free recharge tricks fake referrals are created to generate free recharge from these apps. Fake referrals are created usually by changing Android ID and Gmail Account (will discuss about it in next step).
  2. The Research: Research part starts now. App permissions are checked whether they use Android ID and Gmail account to track referrals or not.
  3. The Ideation: After gathering all facts, a brainstorm is done to find the big idea. (It requires a lot of work to make any free recharge trick 😛 ).
  4. The Production: Final execution of the approved idea.
  5. Loot Starts: At last free recharge loot is started to get unlimited recharge by creating fake referrals again and again.

How free recharge tricks work

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